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Review of Lilies on the Land

Hannah White of the Salisbury Journal wrote:

Lilies on the Land tells of the trials and tribulations experienced by four land girls during the Second World War.

The four cast members – Nik Waites, Helen Russell, Jenny Groome and Louise Voss – are fantastic.

It is a challenging and dialogue-heavy script, but the women guide you effortlessly through their individual experiences, while taking on the different roles of numerous other characters throughout.

The announcement of Churchill’s death in 1965 prompts the women to recount their experiences, with the beautifully crafted play based on real letters from the time.

I instantly warmed to each of the different characters and there were laugh-outloud moments all the way through, which helped to engage the clearly appreciative audience.

The play, written by a company called The Lion’s Part, is thoroughly enjoyable and a real tribute to the fortitude of the young women who are often dubbed “the forgotten army”.

The full Salisbury Journal review, together with a photo is: here


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