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Reviews of Romeo and Juliet at Salisbury Studio

We had the following reviews of out production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ from the Blackmore Vale Magazine and the Salisbury Journal:

The Blackmore Vale Magazine said that

This show is a vibrant, timeless, poignant, energetic and powerful reading of a very familiar story, with the largely young cast not only managing the language with the essential poetry, but also bringing out the universal meanings of the Shakespearean text.

The Juliet, Hebe Fletcher, is 16 – only two years older than the “real” Juliet. Steve Graney (Romeo) has just finished at university. Together they weave a convincing spell of young love and passion, with all its flights of fancy and doom laden despair.

James Bradwell brings a rare emotional power to the role of Benvolio, often seen very much as an also-ran.

Tamsin Jacson’s Nurse is perfectly judged, full of bawdy, loving trickery and much-repeated reminiscences. And Stew Taylor’s Father Lawrence illuminated the text. – Shill, Blackmore Vale Magazine

The Salisbury Journal

It was a beautifully staged production. Everything from the intricate hairstyles and make-up to the imaginative costumes, and the artful lighting to the inspired choice of music was done to perfection.

Hebe Fletcher gave a lovely performance that captured Juliet’s youthful naivety and teenage angst in a way that couldn’t help but move even the hardest of hearts. Steve Graney’s Romeo was bold and foolhardy, romantic and impetuous; everything Romeo should be. It was his first role with the theatre and he’s a real find.

As usual with Studio, every cast member gave it their all and it would be hard to single out a few without feeling bad for those not mentioned, so I won’t attempt it. Suffice to say that sometimes it’s very easy to forget that this is an amateur theatre group. – Morwenna Blake, Salisbury Journal


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