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Going Postal – Southern Daily Echo

Terry Pratchett’s novel, adapted by Stephen Briggs, is lovingly brought to life by director Alistair Faulkner and Studio Theatre’s skilled company of actors.

Salisbury-Studio-Going-Postal-Poster-216x300Most of the dialogue is taken up by details of the plot, as is usual with Pratchett. Roguish con artist Moist von Lipwig (Stew Taylor) finds himself in charge of reviving Ankh- Morpork’s decayed post office, with the aid of Lord Vetinari (Tim Greathead), Junior Postmaster Groat (Faulkner himself), some of the town’s golems (mostly Kevin Murdoch), Adora Belle Dearheart (Caroline Walford), daughter of the founder of “clacks”, an alternative communications service that has become a corrupt corporation run by the villainous Reacher Gilt (Richard Clarke), and numerous others.

The parallels with our own time are obvious, but here our loveable antihero is allowed to triumph.

Costumes, make-up and special effects are very good, the story full of incident.


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