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Praise from Terry Pratchett

img114“I LOVED it,” Terry Pratchett declared after watching the fantastic stage adaptation of his novel Going Postal
at Studio Theatre, Salisbury.

I think Sir Terry summed up what everyone was thinking, judging by
the huge round of applause at the end of the opening night on
Wednesday.The lively production, adapted by Stephen Briggs, is about the resurrection of Ankh-Morpork’s postal service.It is a tale of love, revenge and stamps. There was a large cast and some very strong performances, particularly Stew Taylor as postmaster Moist Van Lupwig – he was faultless.

Two of my favourites were Junior Postmaster Groat, played by director Alistair Faulkner, and Stanley, played by James Paterson.
Lesley Bates as Miss Maccalariat was excellent and there were guaranteed laughs whenever she was on stage.
Terry singled out Miss Maccalariat as one of his favourite characters, and said: “Post mistresses in the old days were very much like her, and there was a lot of laughter going her way.

My only criticism was the use of the screen above the stage, which showed the post office between scenes.
Sometimes it didn’t run smoothly and there were a couple of noticeable technical problems.
Although Sir Terry often goes to see plays based on his novels, it was the first time he has been to see Going Postal performed by an amateur dramatics group.
He said: “Some of them, like this one, have been done to such perfection. This was so well done that I wish I had written a better book.
“It was a hard one to do. I think they had limitations because of the set and other things but their hearts were in it.
“I loved the voices, because it has to be about the voices.
“It was done so people could see it and have a lot of fun. If they wanted to do some more Discworld, I would be here in the front row.”

Hannah White
Salisbury Journal

February 2013


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