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Platinum Anniversary Book

We are sure that there are many members past and present who are by now aware that this year Studio Theatre is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

A platinum opportunity for the club to raise vitally needed funds, funds required to complete payment of the extension and support the theatre into the future.

The proposition that a book should be produced to celebrate the evolution of the club from minute to magnificent, is under investigation as to the financial viability.

In the meantime ground work is taking place by the small editorial team.

One aspect to be included, should the project come to fruition, will be to recognise those former members who have gone on to pursue a career in the professional theatre, television or film.

To this aim we ask you to forward the name or names of any member you know who fit the bill.

Please remember that following up any leads you may give us will be time consuming, therefore the sooner you contact us the better and the greater the chance we will be able to include those past members in the book. The count so far is seventeen.

We also want to hear from those members who have been cast as extras in any of the many productions filmed locally over the years.

Furthermore, we welcome submissions from you of memorable anecdotes of your time at studio, be they amazing, amusing or alarming!

If you have any memorabilia that might have played a significant part, be it a prop, costume, signed programme or poster, tell us what you have. It just might be the gem that compliments the story.

As a member, Studio Theatre is what you make it. The theatre, as it stands today was made by the hundreds who were members before.

The shows did go on, through freezing cold venues, power cuts, alfresco torrential rain and leaking roofs. A proud heritage.

The provisional publication date for the book is around the time of the beginning of the 2022/2023 season.

Barry or by phone on 01722 320928, or

Paul Chalmers, on on 07964769159.

3 comments on “Platinum Anniversary Book

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  2. Richard Luetchford
    March 28, 2022

    Hi Barry
    Great idea and i would love to have a copy when available.I do have programmes, reviews and photos of most of the productions I directed or appeared in between 1982 – 1995.If there are any productions of particular interest I can scan and email to you what I have in my records!


    • ogale
      March 31, 2022

      Hi, please email Barry directly as he may not see your comment on this website.


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