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Reviews of My Cousin Rachel

‘GP-W’ of the Fine Times Recorder wrote:

Linda Hayman, who directed another du Maurier classic, the memorable Jamaica Inn, for the company, returns to Cornwall for this riveting tale.

On a convincingly solid-looking set designed by Alistair Faulkner, this puzzling story unfolds, with its hints of Henry James mixed in with an earlier du Maurier book, Rebecca.

Infatuation, distrust, an Italian lawyer, London rumour-mongers and toxic seeds all play their part as the tension rises to a dramatic conclusion that depends on personal interpretation.

It takes subtle acting to ensure that My Cousin Rachel does not descend into a caricatured melodrama, and once again Studio Theatre demonstrates a deep well of talent and versatility to bring it off. The seven-strong cast stay in period and play it for real, so that the audience’s sympathies veer from side to side from start to finish.

With strong supporting performances by Paul Chalmers as guardian Kendall and Jemmy Hurd Kirby as his daughter Louise, David Rhodes as the faithful Seecombe and Colin Hayman as the “boy” of the house staff, and Terry D’Onofrio as the suspicious Rainaldi.

At the heart of the story are Philip and Rachel. Duncan Ericson is convincingly youthful and impetuous as the confused Philip, with Rachel Fletcher giving another astonishing performance as Rachel.

Full review is at:

Ham Quentin of the Daily Echo writes:

Albeit with fine support – from Jemma Hurd-Kirby and Paul Chalmers’ as father and daughter and concerned neighbours Louise and Nicholas Kendall, David Rhodes as observant servant Seecombe and, in full stage Italian mode, Terry D’Onofrio – Diana Morgan’s dramatisation of Daphne du Maurier’s novel is very much a two handed affair: will young Philip Ashley (Duncan Ericson) succumb to the charms of his deceased guardian and uncle’s widow Rachel (Rachel Fletcher)? Or could his jealousy and dark suspicions of her, backed by enormous amounts of circumstantial evidence, prove only too well founded?

Full review at:

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