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Female Transport

Female-Transport-poster-v1Female Transport by Steve Gooch is staged on a late 18th Century, paid off warship around 1790. Shortly after the end of the American Wars of Independence, several ‘fleets’ of these ships were sent loaded with the first transported convicts to Botany Bay Australia. The Lady Juliana was one of the ships that sailed from Falmouth, full exclusively with female prisoners.

The play is lively, hard hitting, fast moving with strong language. Don’t miss it.

The Actors are cast as follows:


Winnie Elisabeth Roberts
Nancy Samantha Luckman
Charlotte Marie-Claire Wood
Madge Sally Marshall
Sarah Eleanor Boag
Pitty Sophie Townsend
Captain Colin Hayman
Surgeon Anthony von Roretz
Sarge James Paterson
Tommy Teddy Woolgrove


Director Tim Greathead
Assistant Director Helen Russell
Stage Manager Vacant
ASM/Sailors Vacant
Lighting Peter Kelly and Tim Greathead
Sound David Green
Costume Design Val Greathead
Wardrobe Rae Owen and Pam Hanan
Make up and prosthetics Kevin Murdoch and more
Props &nb sp; George Fleming and Lyn Dauscha
Prompts Vacant
Music Consultant Richard Greathead
Choreography Theo Ross
Fight Consultant & nbsp; Keith Wallis
Programme Hugh Abel
Production Photography Anthony von Roritz
Set Design and Build Tim Greathead and others
Publicity Sarah Kirkpatrick and Jackie Pilkington