Studio Theatre, Ashley Road Salisbury

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This production commemorates the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death in 1616.

Shakespeare came to Wilton House in the winter of 1603 with the Kings Men to perform ‘As You Like It’ and ‘A Twelfth Night’ before King James I.

He reputedly came to Salisbury in 1608 to the Old George Hotel in the High Street to rehearse for further performances at Wilton

This production is also allied to the Royal Shakespeare Company – Open Stages scheme.

The Play

It is a hot summer with a myriad of love stories woven and interwoven into the story, tangled up with desire, pride, traditional values and much deeper emotions, true love never ran smoothly.

An anticipated celebration, a flight from a dire consequence. The stress the Mechanicals are under, to perform, but not to offend, on pain of death.

Passions and jealousies, stirred up with potions, confusions, resulting from mistaken identity. Add to the mix, fairies and the Moon. A dream otherworld with the real world coming into and out of focus, all this is A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Thursday 14th July until Saturday 23rd July ex Sunday 17th

The Cast

THESEUS Terrence Donofrio
HIPPOLYTA Sophie Townsend
PHILOSTRATE Rowena Greenaway
EGEUS Brian Waddingham
HERMIA Rebecca Witt
LYSANDER Stan Morris
HELENA Jemma Kirby
NICK BOTTOM/Pyramus Mark Honan
PETER QUINCE/prologue Brian Waddingham
FRANCIS FLUTE/Thisbe Aiden Grant
TOM SNOUT/Wall John Severn
SNUG/Lion ?
ROBIN STARVELING/Moonshine Jake Pugh
OBERON James Paterson
TITANIA Katt Roberts
ROBIN GOODFELLOW – A Puck Martha Osment
LEAD FAIRY Lorna Matthews-Keel
COBWEB Regan Lay
MOTH Alec Dakin
MUSTARDSEED Athena Diamond