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Going Postal – February 2013

Adapted by: Stephen Briggs

From the novel by:
Terry Pratchett
Directed by: Alistair Faulkner

20th – 23rd February, 26th Feburary – 2nd March 2013

A tale of love and revenge – and stamps.

Moist von Lipwig is a con artist, a fraud and a man faced with a difficult life choice: be hanged, or put Ankh-Morpork’s ailing postal service back on its feet. It’s a tough decision.

With the help of a golem who has been at the bottom of a hole in the ground for over two hundred years, a pin fanatic and Junior Postman Groat, he’s got to see that the mail gets through. Also, in taking on the evil chairman of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company and his midnight assassin, unlike previous postmasters he’s got to stay alive! Getting a date with Adora Bell Dearheart would be nice, too.

‘Pratchett’s joy in his creations, in jokes, puns, the idea of letters and language itself, makes Going Postal one of the best expressions of his unstoppable flow of comic invention’ – The Times.


Moist von Lipwig Stew Taylor
Lord Vetinari Tim Greathead
Drumknott Peter Mitchell
Wilkinson / Big Dave / Bill Simon Haseley
Trooper / Spools / Harry
David Taylor
Junior Postman Groat Derek Jones
Apprentice Postman Stanley James Patterson
Mr Pump / Anghammarad Daniel Russell
Reacher Gilt Richard Clarke
Miss Sacharissa Cripslock Caroline Walford
Mr Slant / Greenyham
George Goulding
Chrispin Horsefry / Mad Al Phil Hunter
Mr Pony Kevin Murdoch
Stowley Jemma Kirby
Igor / Mr Parker / Old Mr Parker
Stephen Findlay Wilson
Gryle/ Mrs Parker / Old Mrs Parker Georgie Cotterill
Ridcully / Aggy Roger Street
Sane Alex Alice Oliver
Adora Bell Dearheart Sarah Hilton
Miss Maccalariat Lesley Bates
Deaconess / Collabone
Suzanne Boardman
Nutmeg / Stibbons Debbie Brown
Various other postmen, bankers, citizens, voices of letters, etc, etc.
Director Alistair Faulkner
Producer Chris Hawley
Stage Manager Cath Angell
Lighting Chris Angell