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One-Act Play Double-Bill – March 2012

Bottled Spider

Written By: Alistair Faulkner

Directed By: Simon Haseley

Dates: Thursday 15th March to Saturday 17th March

This play is penned by Studio’s very own Alistair Faulkner. The first production of this play won the 1998 Havering one-act festival, being described by the adjudicator as “an ingenious play which, on one level presents your worst nightmare – a nightmare in which you are not sure who you are, your mother is not sure who you are and you are on trial for events that took place over 500 years ago”

Setting – A Court Room


Joan Sally Marshall
Derek Colin Hayman
Prosecutor Sarah Kirkpatrick
Richard James Paterson
First Murderer Georgie Cotterill
Second Murderer Derrick Foord
Professor Sue Bale
Other members of the jury Linda Hayman, Anna Lomax

Your Life is a Feature Film

Written By: Alan Minieri

Directed By: Chris Hawley

Dates: Thursday 15th March to Saturday 17th March

Surely, every young man wants to be famous?  A star?  Well,
on his 18th birthday, and on the brink of a new adventure, Luke’s world
is turned upside down.  This could be the biggest day of his
life.  But who can he trust?


Toby Bartholomew
Rachel Fletcher
Roger David Taylor
Eddie Linda Hayman
Jasmine Caroline Walford


Stage Manager (both plays) Jill Redston
Lighting (both plays) Alistair Faulkner
Sound (both plays) Lesley Bates, Stewart Taylor