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The Rivals – December 2009

Written by: R B Sheridan
Directed by: Derek Jones
Dates: December 1st – 5th, 2009

The RivalsIt is 1775. Capt Jack Absolute, wealthy heir to a baronetcy, is in love with Lydia Languish. She, however, rich in her own right and with a head full of romantic novels, wants an elopement with a man of no means.

Jack Absolute, therefore, adopts the identity of a poor Ensign called Beverley. But his father, Sir Anthony Absolute, has decided with Lydia’s Aunt, Mrs Malaprop, that Lydia would be an excellent match for his son.

Lydia also has another suitor, Bob Acres, a squire from the country is persuaded by Sir Lucius O’Trigger to challenge Jack Absolute to a duel.

Are you with me so far?

Well, it doesn’t really matter. It all ends up in a delightful comedy of manners which has remained a favourite with audiences over all that time.

 Cast List    
 Sir Anthony Absolute     David Taylor
 Captain Jack Absolute    James Coughlin
 Faulkland    David Baker
 Bob Acres    Graham Paramor
 Sir Lucius O’Trigger    Mike Rogers
 Mrs Malaprop    Theo Ross
 Lydia Languish    Gina Sneesby
 Julia Melville    Victoria Gentle
 Lucy, Lydia’s maidservant    Florence Taylor
 Fag, servant to Capt Absolute    Bob Smith
 David, servant to Bob Acres    Matthew Penny 
 Maid    Jessica Richardson
 Coachman/Servant     Brian Taylor
 Boy    Lottie Hawkins
 Stage Manager    Cath Angell