Studio Theatre, Ashley Road Salisbury

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The Comedy of Errors – July 2010

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Peter Kelly
Dates: July 21st-24th & 27th-31st, 2010

Venue: Studio Theatre

Some years before the play begins, a
Syracuse merchant becomes the father of identical twin sons. He also
buys indentical twin servants.

During a stormy sea crossing, the family
is ripped asunder – each twin being separated, each with a twin
servant. The merchant, thinking he has lost one of his twins, names the
“surviving” twin after him – and the same for the servant!

As the play begins, Syracuse and Ephesus
are at war – the merchant comes to Ephesus searching for the lost twin
(then being arrested and sentenced to death for being from Syracuse),
unaware that his son, Antipholus and Dromio, the servant have also come

Confusion ensues in Ephesus….

Shakespeare’s beautiful comic play has entertained for centuries, and I expect it to do so again!


Duke of Ephesus – Alistair Faulkner
Aegeon – David Rhodes
Antipholus of Ephesus – Simon Haseley
Antipholus of Syracuse – James Coughlan
Dromio of Ephysus – Annie Le Gresley
Dromio of Syracuse – James Kelly
Aemelia – Ann Acton
Adriana – Georgie Brazier
Luciana – Claire Brooks
Courtezan – Lesley Burton
Angelo – Sue Tranter
Pinch/Balthazar/1st merchant – Derek Jones
Servant – Kamilla Yates
2nd merchant – Peter Kelly
Officer/Nell – Sue Coughlan
Assistant Officer – Jack Tranter
Paperboy – Teddy Woolgrave
Townspeople – Charlotte James
  – Brian Taylor
Back Stage  
Stage Manager – Tim Greathead
ASM – Matt Greathead
Lighting Engineer – Chris Angell
Assisted by – Ron Sewell
  – Monty Evans
Sound Engineer – Chris Angell
Costumes – Jill Cocovini
  – Camilla Burgess
Props – Lesley Burton
  – George Fleming
Prompt – Sarah Kirkpatrick
Set Design   Peter Kelly
  – Alistair Faulkner 
Set Constrution – Tim Greathead
  – Matt Greathead