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Hay Fever – October 2009

Salisbury Studio Theatre - Hay Fever

Written by: Noel Coward

Written by: Noel Coward
Directed by:by:
Ann Acton

Dates: October 1st – 3rd & 6th – 10th, 2009

Hay FeverThe Bliss family are all highly eccentric. Judith is a retired actress whose whole life is a performance. David is a rather bad  novelist. Their children, Simon and Sorel, are as self absorbed and ill mannered as their parents.

One Saturday they all casually announce that they have invited guests for the weekend. Each Bliss is furious and determined to ignore all but their particular friend. The unsuspecting guests arrive : a seductive socialite, a young athlete, a diplomat and a timid young woman.They suffer an uncomfortable tea and then, after dinner, having to play an acting game which only the family understand.  

The evening ends with a temperamental display by the whole family, leaving their terrified guests thinking only of escape.

Set in the late 1920s

Cast List    
Judith Bliss    Jackie Pilkington 
David Bliss   Hugh Abel
Sorel Bliss   Jenny McKinnell
Simon Bliss   Jamie Moore
Myra Arundel   Emma Rolf
Richard Greatham   Peter Mitchell
Jackie Coryton   Anna Davies
Sandy Tyrell   Duncan Hallis
Clara   Jenni Watson