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The Lady’s Not For Burning – September 2008

Written by: Christopher Fry
Directed by: Bridget Campbell Murdoch
Dates: Sept 23rd – 27th 2008

The Lady’s not for Burning is a cleverly crafted comedy, perhaps too clever to take in the first time around.

The play is set in “about” 1400 AD.

The story is about a soldier, Thomas Mendip. Unable to settle since he was demobbed he comes to see Mr Tyson the Mayor to admit to the murder of rag and boneman Skipps and requests to be hanged. The Mayor, about to celebrate the betrothal of his nephew Humphrey Devize to Alizon Eliot, shows no interest in Thomas’ claims — “It will be looked into all in good time” — was his stock response to each piece of “evidence”.

Whilst Thomas is pleading to be hanged we meet the rest of the Mayor’s relations. His other nephew, Nicholas has been fighting with brother Humphrey for Alizon’s hand. Their mother Margaret, tries to restore order in the dysfunctional family, at which point Jennet Jourdemayne arrives at the door asking for protection from the villagers who are accusing her of being a witch — turning Skipps into a dog. The Mayor immediately presumes her guilt and instructs his clerk Richard to fetch the constable. The entranced Richard is reluctant to do this until guilt has been proven. Enter the chaplain, an eccentric fellow only interested in his beloved violin.

 Cast List    
 Richard    David Baker
 Thomas Mendip    Jez Jameson
 Alizon Eliot    Stephanie Biggs
 Nicholas Devize    Leslie Burbeck
 Margaret Devize    Ann Acton
 Humphrey Devize    Stewart Taylor
 Hebble Tyson    Peter Mitchell
 Jennet Jourdemayne    Zoe Cavendish
 The Chaplain    Derek Jones
 Edward Tappercoom    Hugh Able
 Mathew Skipps    Colin Hayman