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Something’s Happening – October 2007

Written by: Alec Taylor
Directed by: Chris Angell
Dates: Oct 25th – 27th 2007

Linda, mother of three (grown up but dysfunctional and somehow still at home), wife of Barrie and work colleague of Gordon, is largely taken for granted. She provides a different meal for whoever is home, offers a maternal shoulder to cry on and laughs politely at Barrie’s jokes even though they’re mostly non PC and aimed at women. Once a week she has lunch out of the office with Gordon, but doesn’t really know why.

Then she finds a lump in her breast and realises that she hasn’t done much with her life, not even been to the theatre.

This is the moving story of a woman who is at the centre of a family, but who’s own needs are overlooked, and who finds she has cancer. How does she cope when the needs of those around her appear to be so much more important than hers?

Produced in association with Breast Cancer Awareness month, with half the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care, this play will be performed for three nights as an “extra” between the first two plays of the main season.


Cath Angell


David Taylor


Tim Brooks


Phil Hunter


Stewart Taylor

Lucy Sara Taylor
Stage Manager Colin Hayman
Lighting Alistair Faulkner
Sound Ian Singleton
Prompt Sue Bale