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The Signalman


Five years before Charles Dickens died, he was involved in an horrific train accident.   Owing to a signalman’s negligence, ten were killed and forty injured.   Dickens was traumatised by this incident, lost his voice for two weeks afterwards and avoided trains with phobic anxiety thereafter.

This caused him to write The Signal-Man, a powerful and haunting story, which Studio Theatre, during lockdown, have been rehearsing in a specially-constructed recording studio at the Theatre.   The four cast members’ microphones were socially distanced and all the editing and extra effects were worked on at home.

The story unfolds in a narrow gorge through which passes a railway line.   At one end is a dark tunnel from which trains emerge.   Further up is a hut where the signalman works.   His job is to be alert to any danger on the tracks and pass on the information at once.  

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The ManKris Hamilton-Brain
The SignalmanAlistair Faulkner
The WorkerAnthony Von Roretz
TomFraser Adams
DirectorsColin & Linda Hayman
Sound ProductionOliver Gale
Original MusicSteve Porter


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