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Reviews of Charley’s Aunt

GP-W in the Fine Times Recorder wrote that:

The fun is fast moving and hilarious, and only gets more so when the REAL Donna Lucia arrives, with another heiress in tow … and she’s the beloved of Fanny Babberly.

Barry Matthews-Keel’s clever screens bring undergraduate chambers, college garden and Spettigue’s mansion to life. There are some fine performances, notably from Fraser Adams as Jack, Emma Way as Donna Lucia, Brian Waddington as the infatuated Spettigue, Fabia Alexander as the charming Kitty and, in the title role, Kris Hamilton, relishing every moment of personating auntie.

There are a few problems, like serving chunky sandwiches on napkins for “luncheon” and some very peculiar pronunciations. But by the time you read this most of the glitches will be ironed out, creating another memorable Studio Theatre show, and one which is clearly delighting the almost sold out audiences.

Anne Waggott in Scene One Plus writes:

It has been a few years since I have last reviewed a play at Salisbury’s Studio Theatre – I have very fond memories of previous productions there and I must confess that I did wonder if my memories might be playing tricks on me and that the affectionate recollections I held might be misguided, but I was very, very quickly reminded of the qualities that have endeared this company to me in the past.

Charley’s Aunt was originally performed in 1892, but Studio Theatre have created a production that places the action firmly in the 1920s, the perfect era to depict the comedy and farce that is an integral part of Brandon Thomas’ play and makes it very accessible to a modern-day audience.

Director Ros Liddington has ensured that this production is fast paced, slick and full of dynamic characters, visual slapstick, attention to detail and has overseen such a very entertaining production, with many genuinely “laugh out loud” moments for the audience to enjoy, that the very occasional prompts tonight are completely forgivable!

Charley’s Aunt opens the new season of Studio Theatre productions – if the rest of the season is of a similar calibre to this, then their audiences are in for a season of real treats.



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