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Monologue Winners

The Monologue 2021 competition final was held online on Saturday 6th March, and judged by James Bradwell, a professional actor seen on stage and screen; Barney Norris, playwright and author of Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain; Jo Billingham, professional theatre director; Peter Kelly, member of Studio since 2006 and former Chairman; and Colin Hayman, current Chairman of Studio Theatre. Thank you so much to all the judges for giving up their time.

Thank you also to all the people who entered and giving the judges a hard time.

The finalists for the original writing category were: Rachel O’Neill, Olivia Wordley, Jake West and Caroline Butcher. The category was won by Jesse O’Mahoney. You can see the recordings from the final for this category here.

We hope to also upload the recordings for the other categories, but are currently awaiting licences from the publishers.

The finalists for the under-16 category were: Olivia Wordley, Amy Scrivens, Elodie Barber-Walkley, Zoha Ahmad, and the winner was Alice Walters.

For the 16-25 category, the finalists were: Cassia Wolley, Charlie Thomas, Martha-Rose Mckeown, Roja Kinnunen, and the winner was Marie-Claire Wood.

In the over 25 category, the finalists were: Caroline Butcher, Jake West, Rachel O’Neill, Alex Hunter-Warburton, and the winner was Samantha Luckman.

Well done again to everyone who entered, and we hope to see you all next year.

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