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Treasure Island – reviews

GP-W in Fine Times Recorder says that:

ROBERT Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is one of the earliest, and still greatest, of the pirate adventures, a genre that is now big business on film, in games and more.

Voice production is really important in youth theatre, as some of the company – notably Luke Pullen’s multi-layered and charismatic Long John Silver, Maddy Ryalls’ memorable Ben Gunn and Hanna Butcher’s commanding Captain Smollet – resoundingly prove.

Alice Walters is a charming young Jim, with Phillipp Nikolin as the older hero looking back on his adventurous life hunting for treasure on a paradise island.

The production is energetic, telling the story in vivid flashes of action, and the effects, if sometimes overwhelming, add colour to what is fustily known as “a children’s classic novel.”

The show continues at Studio Theatre in Ashley Road until 26th January.



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