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Reviews of Jane Eyre

The Fine Times Recorder says that

This version requires acting that captures not only the story of the characters but their motivation. It is an intensely physical depiction which, in the Studio Theatre production, is enhanced by technicolor back projections and clever effects.

The critical requirement is powerfully intelligent performances from the leading actors, and the company is blessed in Alice Hudson (Jane), Sophie Townsend (Bertha) and Adam Bar­ge (Rochester) leading the versatile 11-strong ensemble. The chemistry between Jane and Rochester is central, and I have never seen it better encapsulated than by these two exceptional young actors.

Notable too are Emilia Fletcher’s Adele, whose balletic movement soars from the stage, and Kristian Hamilton’s late-created Pilot the dog!

Amateur companies sometimes balk at tackling experimental physical theatre, but Tamsin Jacson has proved that it’s a risk worth taking when you have a company as talented as this.

The rest of the review is at: Jane Eyre, Studio Theatre Salis­bury | Fine Times Recorder

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